Letters of Fire

Learning Hebrew Alphabet for Beginners

This free introductory animated video course is created for those who wish to study Hebrew for doing exegetical research in the Hebrew Bible. First the student will receive the orientation Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Grammar and learn the origin and early history of Biblical Hebrew. 

Hope you enjoyed this session of our animated video course Letters of Fire Learning Hebrew Alphabet for Beginners. If you would like to take the full course, simply send us your email address for registration information to info@elijahschooloftheprophet.com

For those wishing to do more advanced studies, our next timeline course sessions will consist of the following topics: Characteristics of Semitic Languages, Speech elements of the Semitic languages, the preservation of Biblical Hebrew, importance of Biblical Hebrew, Signs and Sounds of Hebrew letters, Final Hebrew letters and meanings of the 22 Hebrew letters in the acoustic Psalm 119. The general material included in this course should provide a good introduction to the advanced works.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

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Reese Powell
Reese Powell
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Dr. Reese Powell is the President and Dean of the Elijah School Of The Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies, online Distant Learning/Independent Studies an international, Trans denominational, multi-ethnic, and interracial networking organization that serves as an online educational resource to the Christian church. The Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center is a 501 (3) c non-profit organization whose web domain is elijahschooloftheprophet.com 

Dr. Powell is an internationally acclaimed Bible Scholar of Biblical Studies and educator of Bible Archaeology, Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Judaic-Christian Studies and Cushite’s of the Fertile Crescent in the Bible, whose expertise in the original language of the Holy Scripture causes the Bible to come alive for his audiences and readers. 

Dr. Powell’s teaching ministry is unique in that it combines excellent scholarship with intense spirituality and personal integrity. His ministry is often followed by clear demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. An academian with a pastor’s heart, he is able to contextualize biblical truths in terms that laypersons can understand.

Dr. Powell is an ordained Bishop of Army of God Church in Christ Inc. He is an executive member of the International Honorable Sacred College of Apostles and Bishops in Baltimore Maryland. He is also an executive board member of the Family Bible Seminary & University in Baltimore, Md.

Dr. Reese Powell holds a bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Master Degree in Divinity, Doctorate in Divinity and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Family Bible Institute, College and Seminary in Baltimore, Md. He also completed Bible Archaeology at the Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel and received certification.  Dr. Powell has also received certifications for Biblical Hebrew Grammar and advanced Biblical Hebrew Grammar at Baltimore Hebrew University in Baltimore Md. He has received certification of completion for Judaic & Christian Studies at the Center of Judaic & Christian Studies in Dayton Ohio. Dr Powell is a certified animate character creator for which he creates animated characters for his online video presentations. He is knowledgeable of Video editing using Chromo Keying etc. He has created his studio using Wirecast7 and use for teaching online video courses for his web domain elijahschooloftheprophet.com.

Dr. Reese Powell has served 3 years of military service in the US Army as 173rd Airborne Infantrymen. He is a disabled wounded Vietnam Veteran. Discharged with high ranking service medals such as the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Airborne badge, Combat Service Infantryman Badge and the Vietnam Campaign Badge.

While being CEO/Dean and Bishop he served 38 years in the Federal Government as  IRS Revenue Officer and Instructor Benefit Authorizer for the US Department of Treasury and Legal Instrument Examiner for the US Department of Justice. While working for the Department of Justice he received certification and graduated as Law Enforcement Instructor from Federal Law Enforcement Center, Glynco Ga. He is currently retired from Federal Government Services and enjoys his teaching ministry career.


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